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We are your farmers.

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David & Lia, Shepherd, Elodie and Deacon... we’re the faces behind the family owned and operated Copper Flats Bison Co. We began Copper Flats in 2018 with a dream to combine our love for farming and our passion for raising animals in a sustainable, responsible way. Our children have a front row seat at the hard work and love we pour into our farm, and we can’t wait to show them the ropes as they grow older. 

Why a small family farm? There are so many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that we love how it brings us closer to people in our community. Our community has been our biggest encouragement, cheering us along the entire way. We love when people are interested in our farm and products. As of 2020, we have enjoyed being able to provide you with quality, local and nutritious meat that is grass fed, natural and sustainable. We love the opportunity to share our life on our social media, but more importantly, to educate people about farming and share what work and effort goes into their food. We’re thankful for your support as we continue to grow in our farming adventure!

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Our farm is situated on 10 acres of land in Wyoming, Ontario. Our land is flat and comprised of clay loam ground that is highly productive creating lush grass for our pasture. It is our farm goal to practice regenerative agriculture principles like rotational grazing practices. We use these practices for the health of our land as it promotes better soil and plant health, but equally important, these practices are also good for our bison. Quality soil and healthy land lowers the risk of disease pressure on the herd from overgrazing. Healthier plants are more nutritious for them, and a nourished and healthy bison is always our goal!

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Copper Flats Farm Store is a year-round on farm store that offers our community a variety of locally raised meats including bison, lamb, chicken, pork and beef. We also offer select produce, pantry, drink and home good products. When you shop with us, you are supporting small farms and businesses just like ours in Lambton County. 

At Copper Flats we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to experience it! Come by to shop our store and see the farm. To plan your visit, check our contact page for current store hours. For more information, feel free to get in touch!

About Us: Products


The first 7 plains bison arrived to our farm in November 2018, and our adventure began! These 7 new heifers were already bred which means our first copper calves came in the spring. Clyde, our bull, joined us in 2019 and our herd has been growing ever since! We are glad to offer these animals a comfortable, stress free environment.

All natural, grass-fed, sustainable, pas
About Us: Products
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