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Bison Nutrition: What's Happening


Bison meat is a great, red meat alternative. There are many misconceptions about bison - many think that bison meat tastes gamey, however that couldn’t be further from the truth! Bison meat is very similar to beef. In comparison between the two, bison has a richer and slightly sweeter taste. It can be described as a flavourful, dense meat that is very satisfying. Bison meat cooks similarly to beef as well, so there’s no reason to be nervous about cooking bison for the first time!

all natural, grass fed, pasture bison me


One of the biggest reasons many choose to eat Bison is because of its incredible nutritional value. As you can see from the information in the chart on the right, bison is considerably lower in fat as well as calories and cholesterol. You will also notice that it is higher in iron. We'd like to add that it is a great source of protein, zinc, selenium and B vitamins too. 

Choosing bison is a great way to keep red meat in your diet without feeling guilty!

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