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New Farm Store!

A special hello to all our email subscribers as you're the first ones to read all about our new farm store! By subscribing to our email newsletters you find out about exciting farm news, store restocks, new product alerts, promotions and much more before anyone else!

So are you ready to hear and see more? Continue reading!

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April Progress

We are so excited to share more about our big announcement with you! We've been keeping this under wraps for quite some time to be able to figure out the behind the scenes stuff but we're finally ready to let you in on our big news!

Your first question might be "why a bigger farm store?" Well, our current little farm store (aka the room attached to our house) has been serving us well. We've been able to sell our own bison meat from that space since we opened in October 2020. But that being said, Dave and I are very passionate about supporting local farmers and businesses and bringing our community together. It's been our dream to offer more locally raised products for you and it wouldn't be possible to do this from our house. Lambton County is full of amazing producers and makers and we want to help support them and share them with you in one, easily accessible store. We are so thankful for the space on our farm to be able to do this. Although, with the amount of amazing products and goods available locally, I don't think we built our store big enough! ha!

Copper Flats Farm Store, Lambton County Farm Store, Wyoming Ontario Farm Store, Sarnia Ontario Farm Store
Latest Building Progress

We've talked to farming neighbours and have sourced locally raised pork, chicken, lamb and beef to offer in our store in addition to our bison! We will also be selling a curated selection of locally made goods. We are so proud of what Lambton County has to offer, and we want to bring it all together for you to be able to pick up in one place! You can expect to see Great Lakes Goat Dairy, Carvers Natural Chicken, Misty Creek Lamb, Cast Iron Kitchen frozen meals and select seasonal Zekveld's Garden Market produce to name a few! We are also sourcing local made pantry items like spices and sauces as well as home goods such as kitchen needs and tableware. Have a suggestion as to what you would like to see in our store, feel free to let us know!

This project began April 1 - no joke! haha! And we have been working hard ever since. Preparing the 16x48 foundation, laying concrete, framing and more! So far everything has gone smoothly - our friends and family deserve a shoutout as we couldn't have gotten this far without them! What we can't get done ourselves we've out sourced. Thank you to local businesses Beacon Electrical, Heritage Heating and Cooling, and Against the Grain Milling. We highly recommend all of them!

A lot has been done, but there seems to be a lot to do yet. Coming up we are going to be insulating and drywalling as well as finishing exterior cladding. Of course, this is all happening during a very busy planting season for Dave on his Dad's farm. But add a few rainy days plus a couple late nights plus a couple extra hands and somehow it all finds a way to get done!

Copper Flats Farm Store, Bison Ontario, Lambton County Farm Store
Our Current Farm Store

Thankfully, our current farm store will remain open right up until our new farm store is ready. Which means, we will continue to sell our bison meat every Saturday 10-2.

But when you visit the farm and shop the farm store you can watch the building progress! Hopefully there's changes each week.

Chicken Coop Wyoming Ontario, Fresh Eggs Wyoming Ontario, Fresh Eggs Lambton County, Sarnia Ontario
Future Chicken Coop

You might notice a little addition on the left side of the building. That is our future chicken coop to house my (Lia's) addiction. I will have about 40-50 layers come July which means our store will be well stocked with fresh eggs each week.

We will also have a limited quantity of Copper Flats pasture raised, whole chicken available in July. Reservation for these will open up in June. Stay tuned by email and social media to be notified of this.

Can't wait to support Lambton County's farmers here at Copper Flats?

Well it's not too far away! Our new store will be opening JULY 2021!

Please be patient as we make it ready for you and stay tuned for more information on our grand opening! But, like we said, come on by in the meantime to pickup bison meat and see the farm store progress.

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