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Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to our new website and our first blog! We are David and Lia, the farmers behind Copper Flats Bison Co. and we are so excited to have a space to share more with you!

You might be thinking "why do farmers need a blog?" so let us answer that question!

David and I have a passion for learning more about farming and agriculture. We are continually growing in our farm experiences and knowledge. Because of this, part of our farm mission is to share what we know with you! With this blog we can easily share information and experiences like raising chicks, important bison information, and our farms take on new and old agricultural practices.

We would also love to share more recipes and cooking tips. Cooking bison may seem intimidating to some because of its unfamiliarity but if you get to know it, you will love it! We will be rethinking classic go-to meals, adding recipes that will let you try something new, and giving you tips like how to get the perfect medium rare steak! We are currently testing recipes in order to share them. So keep an eye out for delicious recipes

for every season coming your way!

Tell us... which are you excited to see?

And of course, there's always bound to be a good farm story once in a while. What farm is without one? From a seasons recap, to our beginnings, to our year plans, and more. Hopefully they bring you joy and allow you to learn more about your local farmers here at Copper Flats Bison Co.


Your farmers - David & Lia

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1 Comment

Tori Bos
Tori Bos
Feb 17, 2021

Can’t wait to follow along and learn some new things!

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